Maintenance tips

How to take care of your watch?

A watch can be kept for a lifetime and beyond.
For this, there are a few reflexes to have and a few tricks to know.
It is advisable to perform a leak test once a year and a check-up every 4-5 years.
Our highly qualified watchmakers use appropriate technical equipment to ensure that your Humbert-Droz watch receives the attention it deserves in our workshop.
In this section, you will see how to take care of your Humbert-Droz watch.
These cleaning and maintenance tips will help you to keep it looking good and working properly.

Your watch is equipped with a device to absorb things.
However, it is important to know that the movements of our automatic watches and our mechanical watches are very fragile and require a lot of delicacy.
In order for your watch to last as long as possible and to protect it from any possible breakage, you must be very careful with shocks, vibrations and falls; certain activities should be avoided such as extreme sports, motorcycling or golf.

The crown is an essential part of your watch; it can either be pushed or screwed on.
Often the entire crown is pushed in, but you must be careful not to force it in order to avoid damaging the seal of the watch and thus avoid water infiltration into your watch.
You should never force the seal to limit any risk of tearing it off.

Chemicals can damage many components of your watch such as the case, bezel, bracelet, gasket or the anti-reflective coating on the glass.
Products such as solvents, perfumes or beauty products should be avoided.

Magnetic fields are not recommended.
Indeed, too regular contact between them and your watch can damage the latter as well as its movement and settings.
You should therefore avoid strong magnetic fields such as cell phones, speakers or kitchen or office appliances.

All seals have a limited life span.
It is essential to have the water resistance of your watch checked every year.

All your watches are water resistant.
You can therefore wash them regularly with soapy water and a toothbrush and dry them with a soft microfiber cloth to avoid any risk of scratches.
You can also do the same cleaning for steel, rubber and nato bracelets.
For leather straps, contact with water should be avoided. They must be nourished with oil regularly in order to preserve and restore the intensity of your bracelet.

With time and the use of your watch, micro-scratches will appear on the steel parts of your case.
This is the normal wear and tear of your watch and you can soften them with a polishing cloth. For more consequent scratches, it will be necessary to proceed to a more complete polishing, so do not hesitate to contact us via the Guarantee and Repair (SAV) section.

Heat and UV rays can damage the movement oils, seals and colorimetry of your watch. In addition, sudden temperature changes should be avoided as well as extreme temperatures above 60° or below -5°.

Warranty and repair


Your HD is guaranteed for 2 years
Your warranty works for all defects covered by it.
We will send you a return slip and repair the product free of charge.
It will take approximately 20 days for a watch under warranty or repair.
This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear of the watch as well as damage or by customer negligence and carelessness. Bracelets and accessories are not covered.
Manipulations, dismantling or repairs carried out by a third party other than our workshop will render the warranty null and void.




    The warranty has to be provided with your watch upon shipment.


    Your ask

    The Humbert-Droz warranty card cannot be renewed under any circumstances. If necessary, please contact us.

    We can provide you with one, do not hesitate to send us a message, tab “Contact us”.

    The mechanical hand-wound movement works by winding it manually. Winding is done by turning the crown clockwise, it is complete when the crown is blocked, it is done every two days.
    The self-winding mechanical movement is wound by the movements of the wrist when your watch is worn.
    The quartz watch, on the other hand, is battery-powered. If the watch is stopped, the battery in your watch will need to be replaced.

    It is a treatment that allows us to achieve a good quality finish on our cases.
    The initials PVD stand for Physical Vapor Deposition. It is a sophisticated process to form a protective surface.